Byron Bay: Wish I could live here

Its fame hit us well before we enter in Australia and not for anything, only now we could understand the reasons behind it.

Byron is only a small town on the easterly point of Australia mainland. When you drive through it at first, yes, it seems very pretty but nothing new to many other nice seaside villages you might have come across along the East Coast, WRONG! Hang around for a bit longer and you will see what Byron is all about.

A laidback town with a mixed feel of hippy vibe, amazing surfing beaches, friendly locals, backpackers’ entertainments, bustling restaurants, sweet little cafes, casual lifestyle, sunny days, beautiful surrounding national parks, fantastic walks, heaps of activities and great wildlife, what else would you want on earth?

We were lucky enough to experience it at its best, during the low season with not many tourists around, but be warned during the peak time in the Australian summer it gets very packed. Even though, I am sure Byron Bay will manage somehow to maintain that cosy feeling of a small town maybe cause you wouldn’t find skyscrapers rising over Byron skyline, megastores or the annoying worldwide fast-food-restaurants’ chains.

We ended up staying a week here, wandering around the main street for some “window-shopping”, people-watching at the Main beach, joining the surfers at Watego beach, working it out through the coastal walks up to Cape Byron’s picturesque lighthouse, staring silently at the wild open ocean, catching a glimpse of the many humpback whales splashing their tales in the blue sea during their northern migrations to the tropical calm water of Hervey Bay, observing the gracious dolphins frolicking in the clear water among the surfers’ crowd ,throwing few sausages on the barbie for a lunch with unbeatable sea-view and, the most important part, just chilling out on the stupendous beaches.

Byron Bay is beyond doubt one of Australia’s most famous iconic destinations and, so far, our top favourite one. We truly felt like never leave it but our journey is not finished yet and we had to keep going, nevertheless we could always come back.

Oddity: watch out how you park in Byron Bay. If you don’t want to find a ticket on your windscreen you will have to get used to park 135° rear back, apparently it’s easier parking this way, eh?

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