“Where else but Queensland”

I couldn’t agree any better with the campaign of this blessed state at the north-eastern corner of Australia, Queensland. Maybe it’s the 300 days of sunshine a year, the long sandy golden beaches, perhaps the abundant of wild creatures, spectacular coastal scenery, the tropical rainforests, it has even mountains, dirty and dusty roads through endless harsh landscapes, the blue water of its many tropical islands or, how could I ever forget one of the world’s greatest natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef that attracts over a couple of million visitors each year and we were definitely up for all it.

The Hill Inlet, Whitsunday Island
If you are among the adrenaline junkies make sure you wouldn’t miss any opportunity of diving, snorkeling, come face to face with some big crocodiles up north in the Daintree River, skydiving at Mission Beach, white-water rafting on Tully River, trekking among the many national parks or just go wildly crazy at the many parties towns where folk of backpackers flock to get trashed like in Cairns and the Gold Coast with its core at Surfers Paradise. Where the hell did they get the name from, Surfers Paradise?? It give us the impression of a heavily development tourist ghetto with million-dollar theme parks such as Dreamworld, Wet ‘n Wild, Seaworld, high rising condominiums, pricey accommodation and loads of bars just the kind of place we want to run away from.
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
But don’t despair, if that is not your style either, just keep going north, stop in relaxed Brisbane for some urban exploration, till you reach the lazy Sunshine Coast for some relaxing time on the beach, some koala-watching in beautiful Noosa up till the charming little Rainbow Beach and the world largest sand island, Fraser Island, if you manage not to be run over by the heaps of 4WDs to those beaches have been mistaken for a state highway. If by then you’ll feel like getting back to the bustling life of a seaside town, don’t worry the frenzied traffic of Hervey Bay is only an hour drive away and if you turn up at the right time you could have a truly whale-of-a-time since the majestic humpback whales stop in the calm and warm water of this bay to bread. Do you think you see it all? You are only half way mate, keep going. Coral fringed islands are next along the Capricorn Coast but get ready to splurge some dear cash for the first sight of those spectacular underwater coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef as a trip to Lady Elliot or Lady Musgrave don’t come cheap. If you can wait, you will be probably better off do it in the diving jungles of Cairns. In the meantime you could always unwind in the less untouched corners of Queensland like Eurimbula Coastal National Park, play castaway at Great Keppel Island, get lost at night in the mangroves at Emu Park, go island hopping to the paradisaical Whitsundays, drive through sugarcane fields, farmlands, banana plantations till you reach the rainforest at Mission Beach but make sure you watch out for those cassowaries. Feel now like to cool down? Why not escape the hot sticky tropical days up in the peaceful Atherton Tablelands taking the scenic Waterfall Circuit before you finally go deep down off the coast of Cairns?
Davies Creek National Park
Thinking you have made it to end of your trip? Go further Cairns backpackers’ mecca; even if you are not going as far as Cape York, reaching Cape Tribulation will be a rewarding drive through an extraordinary diverse region with rainforest, coral reef and dangerous rivers.

Have you fall for Queensland yet? We certainly have. Queensland seems to us just lives up to its motto

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